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Focused on and committed to your recovery and beyond

At Auxilium, we understand addiction. We understand recovery. Working for you, drawing on countless years of lived experience and over 12 years of professional experience, we offer bespoke assessment, signposting, intervention and treatment sourcing that will improve your lifestyle.

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Our Story

Based in Hampshire, UK, Auxilium is a brand new, enthusiastic and passionate service that has emerged from It's creator's passion for helping people recover from addiction. Our founder and director, Dean Dolman has successfully overcome addiction in his own life, after years of drug and alcohol use. Drawing on his experience of working with and implementing many forms and approaches to addiction treatment in his own recovery, and then working professionally in front line addiction services for over 12 years, Dean has been able to develop this service knowing not only what it takes, but how it feels to overcome addiction.

At Auxilium we know the first step to any change is a contemplation or admission that change is needed. Auxilium will not only help you understand this process, but then stay with you throughout your journey every step of the way until change is realised and freedom from addiction becomes a reality, not a dream. 

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Our Services

Freedom From Addiction, Tailor-Made With You

Addiction, by its very nature is complex. At Auxilium we know it is not as simple as "Why can't you just stop?!". 

We offer and provide highly skilled, person-centred and bespoke assessment and recovery planning, focused on you, your needs, and what will work for you. 

It's essential for any change to take place, for there to first be an admission or a realisation that maybe, this is not working for me anymore? Using a Motivational interviewing informed approach, drawing on over 12 years of professional experience, we can explore your ambivalence to change, assess your critical change point, and provide you with a personalised and realistic plan that will reduce harm, to you and your loved ones, and move you into a 'recovery' that works for you and your lifestyle.

1-to-1 sessions (face to face or remotely) 

Hourly, daily or weekly bookings available. 

Clinical and/or residential treatment planning support and signposting. 

Skills: 12 step recovery · Acceptance & Commitment Therapy · Substance Use Disorders · Drug and Alcohol Counseling · Mental Health · Domestic Violence Counselling · Child Development · Trauma Informed Care · Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) · dyadic developmental psychotherapy · Restorative Practices · Motivational Interviewing · Recovery Coaching · Addiction Recovery · Risk Management · Risk Assessment



A Conversation.

This is your chance to talk, and our chance to listen. This safe, non-judgmental, empathetic and confidential conversation will be about you. This is the time for you and your story, and for us to actively listen and hear what you are saying.



What's next?

Following our conversation, we may give you some on the spot guidance around reducing immediate harm, how to improve things quickly and safely. Maybe there is an important life event that is coming up? Maybe a crisis or an emergency that you know, your current lifestyle is going make more difficult for you to be able to navigate. 
Maybe you are at a place internally where you are totally ready for change, however that may be, and you want to identify a residential treatment centre, or build your own community based recovery plan that will fit into your commitment and lifestyle? Whatever addiction, or excessive use is getting in the way of or hindering, we can and will provide you with safe, practical and effective solutions.

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Success Stories

Client feedback

"The support recovery worker I worked with did not treat me like a statistic. There was absolutely no judgement from himself whatsoever. He created a safe, comfortable space and catered very much to my needs as an individual. He understood how complex and varied every families situation is, and offered me thoughtful, considerate and truthful insight. Thank you so very much, Dean Dolman"


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